Philanthropy at work: concrete steps to reduce the risk of suicide

E-Course for Nurses

The Douglas Institute Foundation is grateful to the Gustav Levinschi Foundation which is funding a course for the Douglas’ 300 nurses to improve their ability to assess the mental state of patients and the likelihood that a patient may attempt suicide. This e-learning course will train our nurses to assert their opinions or observations with terminology that all the care team can understand and interpret in the same way. This is particularly important when they communicate with our busy physicians. We want our nurses to be more effective members of interdisciplinary care teams. It is these teams which have been shown to be the most effective at delivering mental heath care. Our nurses’ voices must be heard especially because they spend so much time with patients, particularly those admitted on our units.

The Douglas Mission

Training at the Douglas focuses on the acquisition of the latest best practices, many of which are developed from research carried out at the Douglas as well as elsewhere in the world. It is important that training results in real improvement. As an “institute,” we continually evaluate what we do and how we do to it in order to ensure patients and their families get the best.

We are pleased the Gustav Levinschi Foundation has chosen to support the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and its nurses. Our goal is to offer the best available treatments so that people with mental illness can start their journey to recovery as soon as possible.

The Douglas Institute Foundation relies on your kind donations to continue to invest in healthy minds. You can make a donation online or by phone or fax/regular mail. Please contact Nathalie Italiano at extension 2781 for more details.

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