Get involved

Get involved

Get involved to help the Douglas Foundation in building hope for mental health and to support mental illness research.

Facebook fundraiser

You can create online fundraisers to support the Douglas Foundation through Facebook.

How are the funds transferred?

Facebook uses PayPal Giving Fund Canada as a secure intermediary for all transactions in our country. All donations received through Facebook will be transferred to us within a 45-day period. All donations received will be transferred to the designated charity, in this case the Douglas Foundation.

Fees for personal fundraising efforts vary depending on the country of residence of the event creator. In Canada, this amounts to 2.60% + $0.30 per donation.

Electronic tax receipts will be issued directly by PayPal Giving Fund Canada and sent to the email address linked with the donor’s Facebook account.

Organize a benefit event

You want to support the cause of mental health? Become a proud builder of hope and support people suffering from mental illness and their families. Together, let’s forever change the face of mental health in Quebec.

How to start

The key to the success of your event starts with an enthusiastic, receptive and available organizing committee to promote your initiative. Together, think about the project and the many possibilities that are possible: parties, sports challenges, galas, esports competitions and more.

Once you found the perfect fit, you can start to plan your event in detail:

  • Date, time and location.
  • Fundraising goal.
  • Target audience.
  • Your budget.
  • Promotional material – posters, social media, flyers, etc.

* Please consult our brand usage guidelines to ensure that your promotional tools comply with our policies. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Partnerships and sponsors

Build hope for mental health by associating your business with the Douglas Foundation. Corporate partnerships allow you to create a positive and lasting change for everyone who suffers from mental health problems in Canada.

Become a volunteer

Want to get involved in one of our initiatives? Become a volunteer and contribute to building hope for mental health now.