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Breakthroughs in science have come from great leadership and strong teams. At the Douglas, we have the culture and leadership we need to investigate the brain from the cellular level through to clinical settings. We need additional resources to nourish this knowledge and ensure we continue to advance our understanding of mental illness. Your donations allow us to continue to attract the best and brightest scientists from across the globe.

I thought I was

Past patient of the Douglas Institute

Without help from the Douglas, Martin wouldn’t have been able to manage his bipolar disorder. Mental health problems are particularly tragic because they often start at a young age.

Your impact

Hope is possible with a better understanding of mental illness and this knowledge is acquired through research. Supporting the Douglas Foundation’s allows our experts to:

Better understand

what causes mental illness in order to prevent it


treatment and access to mental health services


the public and break the stigma around mental illness


knowledge with other stakeholders


hope for each person that suffers from mental illness and their families.

Partnerships and sponsors

Build hope for mental health by associating your business with the Douglas Foundation. Corporate partnerships allow you to create a positive and lasting change for everyone who suffers from mental health problems in Quebec.