Building Hope

The Douglas Foundation’s mission is to unite great minds and build resources to improve the mental health of all, today and tomorrow.

Support mental health research

Our impact is stronger when we join forces. By bringing together generous donors, innovative researchers, dedicated clinicians and our amazing volunteers, we are building hope for those suffering from mental illness and their families. Because of our integrated approach to research and care, we are best placed to find concrete solutions.

International vision and impact

The  Douglas  Institute  is  internationally  recognized  for  the  quality  of  its  research,  patient  care  and  teaching.  We  are  an  establishment  dedicated  to  pioneering  treatment  for  mental  illness,  whether  through  innovative  approaches  to  care  or  because of medical  and  scientific  breakthroughs. Our  team  is  focused  on  preventing suffering and ensuring that patients can lead full lives.

Supporting the Douglas Foundation’s mission allows our experts to:

Better understand

what causes mental illness in order to prevent it;


treatment and access to mental health services;


the public and break the stigma around mental illness;


knowledge with other stakeholders;


hope for each person that suffers from mental illness and their families.

Our discoveries reveal the hidden side of mental illness.

Dr. Gustavo Turecki
Scientific Director of the Douglas Research Centre and Chief of Psychiatry, CIUSSS Montreal West Island.

The Douglas Research Center is the most important mental health research center in Quebec. Its aim is to promote mental health and well-being through a better understanding of the causes, treatment and prevention of psychiatric disorders by applying cutting edge scientific methods to the particular challenges posed by mental illness. Our teams are developing a continuous set of skills ranging from scientific discoveries to super-specialized programs that support patients all over the province.


Each year, more than 20,000 patients receive care at the Douglas Institute through our extensive range of mental health services.

An important rise in the number of mental health requests for services at the Douglas Institute in the last ten years.

1 in 3 Canadians will be affected by a mental illness in their lifetime.

According to the Canadian Government, 4000 Canadians die by suicide every year; it is the second leading cause of death among people aged 15-34 years.

Mental illness receives only 5.1% of the total amount spent on treatment and prevention in Canada.

Mental illness is the main cause of disability in Canada and accounts for almost a quarter of lost years of life due to a disability.

The Douglas

The Douglas  is  a  global  pioneer  in  mental  health  and  has  been  at  the  core  of innovation since it was first established. Discover how we are building hope for people suffering from mental illness.

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Discover the proud builders of hope that help us to create positive and sustainable change for mental health.