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The Douglas Lottery is kicked off by the traditionnal BBQ in September. Each ticket costs $ 130 and entitles you to participate in the twenty-one draws of the year. Participants have the chance to win one thousand dollars every two weeks, including two special draws worth two thousand and five thousand dollars. This lottery is open to all, no need to be an employee to participate!

The money raised during the ticket sale will allow the Institute to accomplish its mission by providing outstanding health care to patients and reach new heights in research.

We couldn’t succeed in maintaining the lottery every year without the outstanding support of our volunteers/sales representatives (that we call our champions) and generous partners like Groupe Gravel, who offers the grand prize.

The lottery is a great way to encourage our foundation while having the opportunity to maybe treat yourself or one of your loved ones! Consultez régulièrement notre page d’accueil ou notre page Facebook pour connaître les gagnants.

Payment mode:

$130  in cash, credit or check. Possibility of paying in installments.

$5  per pay x 26 pays (for Douglas employees only)

Concessionns Gravel - Fondation Douglas