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Demystifying Alzheimer’s Disease

Two world-renowned researchers from the Douglas have written a complete and practical guide to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Judes Poirier, PhD, CQ, and Dr. Serge Gauthier are the authors of this non-specialized reference book written for those close to someone with Alzheimer’s Disease as well as the general public.

They address all aspects of the illness including: risk factors, the stages of its progression, as well as past and present research and where it will lead in terms of treatment and prevention. They even detail what a typical first visit to a physician’s office is like for patients, as well as clinical evaluation, different medication options, etc.

This book is presently only available in French but is in translation into English.


Poirier, J, & Gauthier S (2011). La maladie d’Alzeimer : Le guide. Montréal, Canada : Publications Trécarré.


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