March 13


Power Corporation of Canada invests in the future of the Douglas Institute

For more than 20 years, Power Corporation of Canada has supported the Douglas Institute and enables us to continue to attract the best and brightest scientists from around the world.

The Douglas Foundation’s objective is to build a fund of $10 million dollars to ensure that we can increase our human capital and create the next generation of excellence at the Douglas Institute. ​The gift from Power Corporation of Canada is the most recent example of success in securing funds for our next generation of pioneers at the Douglas Institute.

On January 1, 2023, the Douglas Research Centre welcomed its newest member and world-leading expert on the biopsychosocial pathways to eating disorders, Dr. Linda Booij.​

Dr. Booij held an appointment as an Associate Researcher at the Douglas Research Centre since 2019, and thanks to our commitment to raising funds to recruit the best minds that will shape the Douglas’ future, she now joins us as a Full Researcher, focusing on the biopsychosocial pathways of eating disorders. ​

She will be developing an ambitious research program, including studies on the neurobiology of eating disorders, biopsychosocial predictors, and trajectories of treatment response and on virtual interventions.​

The Douglas’ recruitment needs in the immediate term encompass a wide range of domains in mental health care and research — new recruits will help expand our expertise in emerging fields of knowledge and retain our reputation of excellence elsewhere. Thanks to the support offered by Power Corporation of Canada, we can make our vision a reality and continue to build hope for all those whose lives have been affected by mental illness.