Eating Disorders

I ignored my pain, but my body sounded the alarm.

Past patient of the Douglas Institute

Magalie has long suffered from mental health problems. Her inner struggle went largely unnoticed until her body spoke out for her. Eating disorders are much more than just a matter of weight.

At the Douglas Institute, we believe that the fight against eating disorders requires unparalleled clinical care that is integrated with research. Each patient is assessed and cared for according to their needs through daytime therapeutic activities, outpatient consultations or hospitalization when necessary. Our treatment protocol has been internationally recognized for the quality of its research and cutting-edge clinical treatments.


Discover Magalie’s story

Magalie suffered for a long time, but it did not show. Help us to build hope for all those who suffer from eating disorders and lead them to a full recovery.

A globally renowned expertise

The Douglas is at the forefront of research and care for people affected by eating disorders. Our team is focused on preventing suffering and ensuring that patients can lead their fullest lives.


Number of people that benefit from our Eating Disorders Continuum annually. The number of patients being treated grows consistently.

Estimated total of Quebecers suffering from anorexia or bulimia, while three to four times as many people suffer from variants of these disorders.

Total percentage of people suffering from anorexia who die from major health problems or by suicide.

The Continuum

Eating Disorders

The Douglas Eating Disorders Continuum helps people with anorexia nervosa, bulimia or nonspecific eating disorders. Internationally renowned, our programs are recognized for the quality of their specialized clinical services offered to people with eating disorders regardless of their age.

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