The Open Minds ’22 campaign dedicated to our front line workers has raised more than 305,500$ in donations.

Because of the current pandemic, the Douglas has faced severe staff shortages, exhaustion and extreme pressure. All along the sanitary crisis, the Douglas Institute treated the majority of Quebec mental health patients who contracted Covid-19.

Nevertheless, the Open Minds campaign has been able to raise more than 305,500$ in donations to support the front line workers and has permitted many patients to regain their dignity and their reason for living.

We would like to thank our exceptional organizing committee and our generous partners for this accomplished mission:

  • Our gold partners: RBC et Intact Assurances
  • Our silver partners: Métro, BDC, Nova Steel, David Forest Financial Services et Fiera Capital
  • Our bronze partners: Bell Canada, Canderel, SAQ, PWL Capital et McCarthy Tétrault.

Because of you, we can continue to build hope for all those whose lives have been affected by mental illness. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

More than $159,000 were raised for the second edition of the Building Hope Tournament, an esport competition that brings together hockey players, celebrities and gamers to raise awareness on mental health problems.

This year, the Building Hope Tournament was proudly presented by La Cage Chez Vous. Hosted by Richard Turcotte, the livestream allowed us to reunite hockey and esport enthusiasts, as well as tens of thousands of audience members who care about the cause of mental health.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from La Cage, our participants and celebrities were treated to a tailor-made gourmet menu to give them strength for the competition, which turned out to be quite fierce. Congratulations to Billy Karaoke’s team for winning this year’s tournament and fighting until the end to give us a thrilling finale.

Live musical performances were also on the agenda to spice things up for everyone who was present, virtually or in person: a big thank you to Sasseville, Radio Radio, Taktika and L’Orchestre Pèse-Start.

We would also like to acknowledge the extraordinary support from Beneva, Fairstone and EY who contributed in making this event such a success. We hope to see you next year for another memorable tournament in support of the Douglas Foundation.

To watch the livestream, click here.

We spoke with Marie-Hélène Thibeault, organizer of the Mind on Health Challenge, to learn more about the reasons behind her commitment to mental health and her collaboration with the Douglas Foundation.

What motivated you to launch the Mind on Health Challenge?

“I wanted to help to advance research and improve mental health care so that no one has to suffer in silence. Since the death of my husband Eric after a long battle against a bipolar disorder that led to his suicide, I made it my mission to support the cause so that our story does not repeat itself. I am a person who strongly believes in the benefits of physical activity for mental health so the idea of ​​mobilizing people as part of a sports challenge for the benefit of mental health really seemed like an ideal fit.” (Discover Marie-Hélène’s powerful testimonial)

Why did you choose to collaborate with the Douglas Foundation?

 “Eric strongly believed in the importance of scientific discoveries in helping to alleviate the suffering caused by mental illness. It was important for me to be able to concretely support an institution that has a lasting and positive impact in this way. The Douglas Institute is a national leader in this field and the idea of ​​providing them with more resources to accelerate and amplify their efforts inspired me greatly.”

According to you, why is it so important to support research?

“The human brain is a complex organ that still houses many mysteries. Science and research are essential to unveil all of its intricacies. By supporting research in neuroscience, we will inevitably make gains in our understanding of the brain that will allow us to increase the quality and effectiveness of the treatments and care that are offered in mental health. Scientific discoveries play an essential part in guiding us towards a better world!”

The Mind on Health Challenge is a virtual or in-person sports challenge to raise funds and support research on mental health at the Douglas Institute. The event takes place on October 9-10 as part of World Mental Health Day. To donate to the event or to participate, click here.