Philanthropy at the very heart of the Douglas’s creation

Since its beginning in 1881, the Douglas Hospital has relied on the community for its development. Unlike most francophone hospitals, it was not tied to the Church and thus had to count on the generosity of the public and its volunteers. In fact, the first building of the hospital was constructed as the result of generous response by influential people and the general public of Montreal to a request for assistance in the local newspaper. The Douglas’ open partnership with the outside community has assured the success of its different initiatives.

Today, thanks to the strong and steady philanthropic support from community in Québec and elsewhere, the Douglas Institute offers our community the best care possible and has developed into a jewel in Montreal’s crown of brain science, making breakthroughs in depression, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, eating disorders …

Our Mission

The Douglas Foundation’s mission is to unite great minds and build resources to improve the mental health of all, today and tomorrow.

The Foundation collects money for

  • Prevention and treatment of mental illness and understanding its causes;
  • Improving treatments and public access to mental health services;
  • Educating the population and break the stigma surrounding mental illness;
  • Exchange of knowledge and best practices between mental health practitioners.

Our charitable business number is: 10146 9609 RR0001

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