For the second year in a row, Andrée Mathieu has organized her Because We Care event, a special night full of good food and lively musical entertainment to benefit children treated at the Douglas Institute. This year, with the help of donors and volunteers, she raised $ 5,687, a significant increase from last year’s also impressive total. Just like last year, the proceeds will go towards social skills workshops in a Douglas summer camp for kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The cause is particularly important for Mrs. Mathieu because her son also has ADHD.

One hundred and thirty tickets were sold for an evening of musical entertainment at the Calistoga Grill on May 29, 2010. Nightshift, a four piece band (Karen Cromar, Dan Gallant, Brian Gallagher, and Glen Bowser), generously donated their time and played throughout the evening. The Calistoga Grill, in addition to providing the venue, kindly gave Mrs. Mathieu $1.00 for each alcoholic beverage sold. The grand total for the night also included donations from people who could not attend but wanted to do so.

That evening, there was a silent auction and a raffle draw for items donated by the following people and organizations: Sharp Canada, Best Buy, Monster Power, Lotus Aroma, Salon Chatelaine, Sealed with a Kiss, Lucie Brault, Céline Giguère and Yolande Charland (both artists), HMV, Lucent Diamonds, and Filosofia.

Mrs. Mathieu, who said that “It is always a great delight to organize this event knowing that at the end of the day children will benefit,” would also like to thank her volunteers who greatly contributed to the event’s success: Elza Van Winden, François Giguère, Andrée Etienne, and Camille Garand.

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