December 18


Thank you for your generosity!

It would be an understatement to define 2020 as an eventful year. In addition to the challenges of daily life, we all have had to deal with a pandemic. Despite this, thanks to our incredible community of frontline teams, researchers, clinicians, staff, partners and donors we have been able to continue to support cutting-edge research and excellent mental health care here at the Douglas.

The Douglas Institute’s mission is to treat people with mental illness, regardless of the situation we are in; that is why we house the only mental health care unit dedicated to COVID-19 patients across the whole province. We must continue to build hope for all those who are suffering.

The Douglas Foundation is especially proud of the new projects we have launched during this difficult time to help break the stigma around mental illness. These include the Building Hope Movement launched by the Honorable Roméo Dallaire, our new series of video testimonials on mental illness or the Building Hope eSports Tournament presented by Étienne Boulay.

We are living through an unprecedented crisis which is causing enormous psychological distress, both for the general population and for the most vulnerable. Your donations have helped us to build hope for all those affected or suffering from mental illness in Quebec.

I would like to thank you personally and invite you to watch our special holiday video.

Thank you for your generosity,
Happy Holidays!

Laura Fish,
Executive Director
Douglas Foundation