October 14


$250,000 to finance youth mental health

The National Bank of Canada (NBC) is proud to contribute to youth mental health by supporting cutting-edge research at the Douglas Institute.

Their most recent donation provided much needed support for Dr. Manuela Ferrari‘s innovative program to develop therapeutic video game-based interventions to treat mental illness.  Innovative tools such as this also help improve clinical treatment options and help to destigmatize mental illness. This groundbreaking project will also improve access to mental health care for our youth and promote a full recovery. 

According to Dr. Manuela Ferrari, a well designed therapeutic video game can provide a full immersion into a new reality, a solution that allows young patients to receive psychiatric care in a non-stigmatizing way. “This type of tool allows them to understand their experience at a psychological level and to develop skills that allow them to manage their mental illness in everyday life”, she says.

The important investment by NBC helps us to build hope by providing the best possible tools for young people suffering from mental health issues across the country. Together, we can create impactful and lasting change for mental health.