May 9


$150,000 to fund the Digital Mental Health project

The TD Ready Commitment is proud to contribute to youth mental health care by supporting cutting-edge research at the Douglas Institute.

We would like to thank TD for their impactful donation of $150,000 to youth mental health. These funds will support an innovative project led by Mallar Chakravarty Ph. D that leverages the capacity of Artificial Intelligence for early detection of mental illnesses.

This exciting project aims to:

  • Provide data that makes it possible for research and care teams to identify and intervene as quickly as possible to support patients who are at-risk;
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to collect clinical, neuroimaging and neuroanatomy from patients;
  • Build algorithms to help determine categories of patients at risk of developing serious mental illnesses.

Dr. Chakravarty explains that according to early results, “machine learning allows our clinicians-researchers to make 80% more accurate diagnostic predictions. Better predictions will enable early detection and intervention to detect symptoms of mental illness and psychosis at the earliest stages of symptoms development and reduce the severity of those symptoms and the desease itself.”

We are very grateful to The TD Ready Commitment for their generous gift to this initiative. Thank you for helping us build hope.