Youth Mental Health

I thought I was

Past patient of the Douglas Institute

Without help from the Douglas, Martin wouldn’t have been able to manage his bipolar disorder. Mental health problems are particularly tragic because they often start at a young age.

We believe the fight against youth mental illness begins with building hope, one young patient at a time. Our goal is to streamline and enhance early diagnosis. To help our young patients as quickly as possible and get the support of a patient specific, multidisciplinary team of mental health experts, who can accompany them and their family in their time of need with professional support.


Discover Martin’s story

Martin is a young patient affected by bipolar disorder who has received care at the Douglas. Help us support youth mental health and make a full recovery possible for all those who are suffering.

An integrated approach

The Douglas improves the mental health of young people through research, patient care and education. We are building hope for Canadian youth suffering from mental illness by integrating each of these things into a combined and continuous approach. Doing so enables us to offer easier access to mental health services and better tools to evaluate the efficacy of treatments given to young patients.


Patient care


1.2 M

A significant increase in the number of our mental health service requests for young patients in the last ten years.

Dramatic increase in admissions for young patients aged under 25 years old in the last eight years.

An estimated 1.2 million young Canadians are affected with some type of mental illness and 70% of these mental health problems start before the age of 25.

Intervention Program

Prevention and Early Intervention for Psychosis

The Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychosis is a world-class program for young people who are experiencing untreated first episodes of psychosis. Established at the Douglas Institute, it integrates high-level clinical care and mental health research.

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