Psychotic disorders

I had lost hope because of schizophrenia.


Nicolas has been affected by schizophrenia since he was young. This severe psychotic disorder alters perceptions, behavior and the personality of people that suffer from it.

At the Douglas Institute, we work relentlessly so that we can provide a satisfying and fulfilling life for all those who are affected by psychotic disorders. Through research, we are able to design better treatments that will improve the daily lives of patients and reduce side effects associated with medication. Our experts are focused on detecting the early symptoms of illness as quickly as possible in order to bring those who suffer back on the path to well-being.


Discover Nicolas’s story

Nicolas has been affected by schizophrenia since he was young. Help us build hope to support all those who suffer to both reinsert themselves into society and lead a better life.

A global leader

The Douglas team is focused on the detection of early symptoms and the prevention of suffering to make sure that patients can reintegrate into their community and be reunited with their loved ones.

2 to 3

Global percentage of people that are affected by schizophrenia around the world.

Global percentage of people that are touched by psychotic disorders in the general population.

According to the WHO, people suffering from schizophrenia are 2-3 times more likely to die of premature causes than the general population.

The unit

Intensive Rehabilitation

The Intensive Rehabilitation and Community Transition Program is an inpatient unit that offers a therapeutic, safe and adapted environment as well as specialized rehabilitation services for people suffering from severe, complex and refractory mental health disorders. The interventions aim to improve the quality of life of patients and to allow them to return to a normal life.

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